This is important, so just pretend this is a video and pay attention.

We have seen the future, and surprise, surprise, it’s video. Yes video. We are literally writing a blog post about video. (Don’t worry, the irony of this is not lost on us)

If you’re not living under a rock, you probably already know that video is on the rise. And if you do live under a rock, please forgive us for questioning your lifestyle choices. But enough about you, let’s talk about what we’re not talking about. And that’s television.

Yes, television. TV. The boob tube. Whatever you want to call the box that you stare at when you’re not staring at the other box. This is not to say that television advertising is dead. Far from it. It’s just that the chances of anyone watching your TV ad on an actual TV are decreasing by the second. As you read these very words.

For its part, Television advertising is alive and well. Modern video production techniques and special effects have made the TV ad more accessible than ever for businesses. And now, with streaming services and on-demand video offering more choices than ever, this is truly a golden age for television advertising.

But video advertising has busted free of the TV. Video ads are now easily served on mobile platforms, and advertisers are flocking there. And so are audiences. A recent Omnicom Media Group study found that almost half of Millennials and GenXers don’t watch traditional TV at all (source). Meanwhile, Millennials, consider YouTube one of their most essential apps (source). In other words, the mobile video ad revolution is already happening.

What this means is that today’s businesses almost HAVE to look into video advertising of some kind. Remember, video ads can be a number of different things. They can be Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, Pandora ads, or they can be served to specific audiences through on-demand video. And the best part is that video advertising doesn’t have to be different than TV advertising. Today, having a video ad, even if it is only served online, still makes you look like you are advertising on TV. Ten years ago, businesses only had to have a quality website to appear reputable. Today, the same is true of video advertising.

Remember how this article mentioned modern production techniques? Well, gone are the days when even a modest video production was out of reach. Today, video production costs a fraction of what it once did. And online media costs are almost ridiculously affordable. However, one fact remains: You still need quality to get results.

That’s where a creative ad agency like DAMN GOOD comes in. We create smart, compelling video ads, overview videos, and explainer videos, as well as full digital media buying services to get your video advertising in front of the targets your business wants.

So there’s some more irony for those of you keeping track. We just served you a “video ad” using nothing but words.

Talk back to us. Tell us what you think of this article, or better yet, what topic you’d like to see us tackle next.

Finally, check out this excellent article on the dawn of 6-second video advertising:

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