There’s a certain air of mystery surrounding what people in an ad agency actually do. While TV and movies might try to convince you that agency people spend the day drinking hard liquor and staring out the window while smoldering with unbridled sex appeal, that’s simply not true. We don’t all have windows.

Much of the mystery probably stems from the fact that people outside of the industry never get to see the hard, grueling work that gets done every day by the drunks and miscreants that populate ad agencies like this one. They just see the end result, which is gonna be less impressive if you ignore all that goes into it. That’s why this blog is here: To give you your own personal window into the magical world of advertising.


Or maybe it doesn’t. But it probably does.

We know what you’re thinking. “How can this stupid blog know anything about my brand? It hasn’t even seen it!”

Well, either this blog is some omniscient, magical creature that can see through time and space with uncanny precision, or brand happens to be something that most people simply do not fully understand. You decide.