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Gone Fishin' Upstream

Hey, there's nothing wrong with living in the moment. But you can't market that way. You have to think and plan and strategize and stuff like that, just like you have to bait your hook before you can go fishin'. Like this blurb, for example. Doesn't it make you hungry for more?

Is Marketing Dead?

Is Marketing DEAD???

It seems like every few years pundits crawl out from under the rocks where they live to go all the way out on a limb and declare the death, or perhaps imminent demise, of marketing. Why do they do this? Is it some sort of weird cicada-like mating ritual for pundits?

Hail the New Heroes!

Great adversity tends to inspire great fear. It also prompts some to great resolve. So, while many may cower, a few brave souls inevitably rise to meet the occasion and emerge as heroes, celebrated and long remembered for their selflessness and courage.

Winners and Losers of COVID-19

This is America, COVID or NOVID. And that means we have an obligation to view everything as competitively as possible, even when it’s mind-blowingly inane to do so (“Take that, China, Italy, Russia, and everyone else, we’ve TOTALLY got you beat for COVID-19 cases! U-S-A, U-S-A!”).