Psst…You Want to Know Why this Article Exists?

Magicians are fond of saying that they “never reveal their secrets.” Maybe that’s why nobody likes them. Seriously, if someone you just met tells you that they’re a magician, you’re not gonna be like: “Cool! Let’s be friends forever!” If anything, you’ll probably pull your hand back from the handshake and check to make sure you still have your watch.

Fortunately, blog writers are not like magicians. We are more than happy to share insight and knowledge. We don’t mind peeling back the curtain to show you how it works. We’re pretty awesome like that. It may look like magic when you see how our website shoots up the search engine rankings, but it’s not. There are no rabbits up my sleeves. That would be weird. And uncomfortable.

But that doesn’t mean we’re selfless, generous beings doling out knowledge out of the sheer goodness of our hearts. Hell no. These articles we write for you are really for us. Blogging is an extremely effective SEO strategy, and you are actually helping to make it work. If I were a magician, I’d probably be sawing you in half right now.

Now, for my next trick, I’m going to guess what you’re thinking. “I would like to learn more about this content-driven blog SEO strategy. Can you please tell me in a listicle?”

I think that’s a little presumptuous of you, but sure. Why not. You were thinking “please.”


REASON #1: Stay Fresh!

Search engines like freshness. A website that doesn’t get updated is kind of like a refrigerator full of food that doesn’t get eaten. After a while, it’s gonna start to stink. You might not be able to smell the Internet, but Google can. It’s not going to reward you for stinking.

And most of your website content probably isn’t gonna change. It’s not like you’re going to re-write your “About Us” page every week or so. Not only would it plunge you into depression and despair, but it wouldn’t even help your SEO strategy. For fresh content, a blog like this gem here is the way to go.

REASON #2: Entrapment!

Search engines are data-collecting machines. They have to be. How else can they know where to rank your website? They follow you like a creepy stalker even after you click on one of the links they serve up on your search. They pay attention to how long you stay on a page because it lets them know that the link provided was worthy. So getting people to stay on your page is a good SEO strategy thing to do.

If you wanted someone to stay in your house for a while, you’ll either have to make them feel at home or subdue them and throw them in a pit in your basement. A blog article is a little of both. Sure, it welcomes you with the promise of free information, but then it entraps you with some interminable listicle that you can’t stop reading until you see why #6 is so scandalous. By the way, you really don’t want to miss reason #6.

REASON #3: Weird Keywords!

SEO strategy is a strange beast. Everyone wants to show up on page one of search engine results, which makes it mind-bogglingly competitive.

Let’s say you sell something really common like shoes. If you think you’re going to just SEO your way to the top of a search for the keyword “shoes,” then you probably have a distorted idea of how popular shoes really are. It’s not about how hard you try. You can try really, really hard to fly unassisted too. Good luck with that.

However, this doesn’t mean there is no SEO strategy for success. You just have to be willing to think smaller. Since something > nothing, getting ranked on page one for some uncommon keywords is better than getting ranked into oblivion for the common ones.

So, instead of “shoes,” try targeting “shoes for dancing mammals” or something. Obvously, you don’t want to spam the content of your website with that nonsense. But that’s what blog articles can do. Turn your weird keywords into SEO strategy gold. Now all you have to do is write an article on shoes for dancing mammals. How hard could it be.

REASON #4: Linkability!

Search engines love links. They just do. That’s why any SEO strategy should include all kinds of linking. That includes outbound links, inbound links, and links between pages on your website. Outbound linking is easy, but you need to be careful to not send your traffic to a competitor (duh). Inbound linking is harder, because you can’t actually control that process. Fortunately, if you have an effective blog SEO strategy, your amazing blog articles may convince others to link to your blog articles.

Linking between pages on your site is a great SEO strategy that’s perfect for the blog. It allows you to connect readers to content on your site, or to expand on ideas that content with greater depth in your blog articles.

REASON #5: Social Media Content!

If you’re like everyone everywhere who’s trying to build your social media engagement, you know what it’s like to wrack your brain looking for content to feed those eternally ravenous audiences. But before you go desperately posting photos of your cat and bending into a pretzel connecting Mr. Whiskers to your business somehow, spend a moment considering how you can and will post links to your blog articles there instead.

Before you know it, you’ll be whisking (sorry Mr. Whiskers) your followers off to your blog. There, they will be overcome by your genius, and perhaps examine the rest of your site. Maybe they’ll even share it with others. You’re welcome.

REASON #6: This is the One You’ve Been Waiting For!

There is no reason #6. You should never trust a listicle.

However, you CAN trust a blog SEO strategy to put some teeth in your search engine rankings. Bet you can’t say the same thing about those lousy magicians.

You want to learn more about blog SEO strategy? Talk to the expert geniuses at DAMN GOOD. We now release you from this listicle.

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