Magicians are fond of saying that they “never reveal their secrets.” Maybe that’s why nobody likes them. Seriously, if someone you just met tells you that they’re a magician, you’re not gonna be like: “Cool! Let’s be friends forever!” If anything, you’ll probably pull your hand back from the handshake and check to make sure you still have your watch.

THINKING BACKLINKING – 10 Ways to boost your SEO

If you followed our suggestion like a good reader and feasted your hungry eyes on the first part of this insightful and long overdue article, you’d know that time is basically the same thing as money.

Now if you haven’t read that all-important first part, then you might be thinking something like “OH YEAH? If time is money than how come I can’t use it to get that pack of Twinkies out of the vending machine?” But that’s YOUR problem. Sorry, but we can’t solve ‘em all.

Part One ended with the assertion that negotiating a retainer is the best way to get your money’s worth out of an agency. And now, if you’re prepared to receive it, shall come the deep and meaningful rationale. ARE YOU READY FOR THE WHY?