MyGARS & Restoregen

What We Did

Brand Strategy
Product Strategy
Focus Groups
Package Design
Custom Logos & Icons
Collateral Design
Print & Digital Design
Content Development
Copy & Scriptwriting
Video Production
Digital Marketing Strategy
Ux & Ui Design
Responsive Web Design

The Partnership

In the first quarter of 2020, one of DAMN GOOD’s clients initiated a plan to acquire Geneus, a Texas-based genetic testing company that held the rights to market a groundbreaking genetic test. That test, GARS (later named “MyGARS” following agency diligence), is a unique and patented test that is able to determine an individual’s risk of developing dangerous addictive behaviors. Further, Geneus also had developed “restoreGen,” a supplement product designed to support balanced brain chemistry as a means of counteracting these addictive tendencies.

With a goal of launching MyGARS as a consumer product by Q4 of 2020, DAMN GOOD led the client through an accelerated product design and development cycle, producing numerous videos, substantial marketing copy and collateral, and designing e-commerce websites for both products.

Unfortunately, uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic caused the acquisition to fall through before MyGARS could reach consumers. The remaining work, however, stands as testament to the agency’s ability to respond fluently to a client’s needs even while working remotely.