Pay per click advertising | Get more business with digital marketing
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Digital Marketing Services

Get more business with pay per click advertising

Pay per click, or PPC ads, are the most elemental form of digital marketing. Pay per click ads let your customers find your business easily by promoting it above other search results. You must competitively bid on PPC search terms or keywords that your customers are likely to use in seeking businesses like yours. However, since you only pay per click, you can set firm budgets for all of your PPC campaigns.

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Essential pay per click advertising with Google AdWords

Google AdWords is easily the most essential pay per click ad media available. In fact, no PPC campaign is complete without Google AdWords. DAMN GOOD develops and streamlines your Google AdWords campaigns with real-time bidding. This allows you to get the most out of your pay per click budget, and gain an edge against competitors.

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Custom display advertising that gets attention

Custom display advertising usually takes the form of banner ads, but can also include other kinds of website ads. DAMN GOOD creates highly visible, attention-grabbing display ads that entice your audience to click. Our display advertising is strategically designed using animation, and rich media wherever possible, as well as compelling copy and headlines that deliver real results.

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Bing advertising: another option for pay per click ads

Although Google AdWords is the clear leader in pay per click advertising, it’s important to remember that many people use Bing as well. In fact, pay per click with Bing advertising is generally less expensive because Bing is not as widely used. DAMN GOOD can help you extend your PPC campaigns with Bing advertising.

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Stay in front of prospects with remarketing

Remarketing is a great way to get the most of your pay per click campaign. No matter how good your strategy, not all of the potential customers your PPC campaign attracts will convert. Remarketing, also known as retargeting, keeps your display ads in front of them as they browse elsewhere online. Thus, remarketing reminds users of their initial interest, and gives them an easy means of coming back and converting to a sale.

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Sell your products at the point of search with Google Shopping ads

Retailers with products or goods to sell can get an edge over competitors with Google Shopping ads. Google Shopping ads allow your products to appear within Google search results, driving consumers directly to your e-commerce shopping cart to purchase. Therefore, consumers don’t have to find your site first, and then navigate to your shopping cart to get what they are looking for. Google Shopping ads include a photo of your item, as well as pricing, enticing customers to click and buy more impulsively.

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