Custom landing pages for lead gen | Effective lead generation campaigns
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Better lead generation with killer landing pages

Even if you don’t sell online, chances are that your business could use more lead generation. Let DAMN GOOD take the top of your sales funnel to the next level with custom designed landing pages that are fully optimized to get you more lead generation. Our lead gen focused landing pages use proven best practices to get customers interested. Plus, we gather marketing data that allows us to continually refine our messaging and optimize our lead gen campaigns. Take your digital marketing to the next level with DAMN GOOD landing page design.

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Fully trackable sales promotions

If you’ve ever wondered how effective your sales promotions really are, DAMN GOOD has a solution. Our promotion driven landing pages will show how effective your sales promotion is in capturing consumer interest and lead gen. Also, our landing page data will show you how to speak more effectively to your customers. We build campaigns to drive consumers to your online e-commerce website, or to provide lead gen for the sales process. And we gather trackable data at every step of the process. DAMN GOOD can show you how to track customers and put the data to use in optimizing your sales promotions.

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SMS: Text message lead gen campaigns for the mobile world

Today, it’s crucial that your landing pages are optimized to perform equally well on tablets, phones, and other mobile devices. This means understanding how the user experience (UX) differs from platform to platform, and also considering the way in which consumers use these devices. DAMN GOOD has had exceptional success with lead gen campaigns over SMS. These campaigns allow marketers to communicate with consumers via simple text messages. Because SMS marketing is so minimalistic, consumers can opt-in impulsively. And then your sales force to follow up via SMS, email, or phone call.

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