Video Production | Direction, Storyboards, Video Editing, Custom Animation
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Digital Marketing Services

It Starts with Video Scriptwriting, Art Direction, and Storyboards

Although video is now easier than ever, professional video production is still a complicated process. DAMN GOOD starts with creative video scriptwriting, which creates both concept and tone for the video. Next, the video scriptwriting process is refined through art direction, which may include storyboards, or scriptwriting revisions. Depending on how complex the production is, art direction and storyboarding may not be necessary. DAMN GOOD strives to be as efficient as possible in every video production. Therefore, we will often limit art direction to production and post-production and eliminate storyboarding when possible.

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Full Professional Video Production Services

Today, video production is increasingly an essential part of marketing and advertising campaigns. Modern audiences overwhelmingly prefer video, and as a result, YouTube is the most indispensable social media platform for millennials. Fortunately, video production is now more accessible than ever, allowing businesses to take advantage of this highly effective medium. DAMN GOOD offers complete professional video production services, including scriptwriting, storyboards, art direction, sound and video editing, post-production, and even custom animation and voiceovers. We craft TV spots, including online video ads, as well as corporate videos, explainer videos, promotional videos, and more. We manage all production in-house, and work with top videographers and audio engineers for professional video production quality.

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Post Production Services: Sound & Video Editing and Special Effects

Once our professional video production shoot finishes, the fun of post-production begins. This is where professional art direction makes a standard video production exceptional. DAMN GOOD offers a complete range of post production services, from music and sound editing, to video editing, video titles, and special effects. Our post-production processes differ with each video’s unique needs. However, they never fail to impress. DAMN GOOD records voiceovers, processes special effects, and performs all music and video editing in house.

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Custom Animation to Bring Your Video and Brand to Life

Arguably one of the most impactful special effects to add to your video is custom animation. DAMN GOOD has talented professional illustrators and animators on staff. As a result, we can produce custom animation in-house, including both logo animation and full character animation that sets your video apart. Use custom animation to create a cartoon character for your brand, or illustrate complex ideas and processes with explainer videos. Custom animation boosts production value and expands your video production toolkit.

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