Social Media Marketing | Targeted, trackable paid ads that work
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Digital Marketing Services


Target your audience precisely with paid Facebook ads

Facebook is easily the most popular social media platform. Yet, it’s not just reach that makes Facebook such an excellent vehicle for social media marketing. Rather, it’s Facebook’s data. Facebook has direct access to demographic and lifestyle information for all of its millions of users. Facebook uses this data to help marketers and advertisers target consumers with great precision. DAMN GOOD has achieved success with paid Facebook ads, including video and carousel ads, increasing sales, engagement, and brand awareness.

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Paid Instagram ads increase awareness and engagement

Like Facebook, Instagram offers advertisers an excellent platform for marketing with social media. However, the audiences for Instagram are often quite different than those for Facebook. Thus, Instagram offers an easy way for advertisers to expand the reach of their marketing messages by simply repurposing paid Facebook ads as paid Instagram campaigns. Instagram also has a slightly younger audience, so paid Instagram ads allow you to reach a broader demographic spectrum.

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YouTube: TV Spots for a mobile world

Everyone knows how effective video can be for marketing and advertising. And for a new generation of consumers, video means YouTube. Because of this, paid YouTube ads are the most effective way to reach millennials. However, studies show that YouTube ads are also an effective way to reach increasingly older audiences on mobile devices. More and more, consumers are going to YouTube to view video content, and the variety of the content available makes it possible to target consumers with high precision.

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Expand the reach of your social media marketing with LinkedIn

With all of the attention paid to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ads, it’s easy to overlook LinkedIn as a platform for social media marketing. Yet LinkedIn remains a great place to run paid advertising, especially for B2B companies. Many businesses rely upon LinkedIn for both recruiting and networking. Paid LinkedIn ads allow you to target these businesses on an industry by industry basis. Thus, your paid LinkedIn ad campaign can be sure to reach the exact vertical for your business.

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Organic Social Media Development

Organic social media management

Social media marketing requires paid media placement, but paid ads are only a part of strong social media strategy. DAMN GOOD also helps clients cultivate social media followers with organic posts that build engagement without marketing. Organic posts are a great way to use social media to build and establish brand character, and increase engagement. Because organic posts aren’t marketing to consumers, they are more likely to build favorable opinions and become advocates for your brand.

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