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Marketing Strategy Services 2

Your Brand Strategy Needs a Strategic Marketing Budget

Your brand strategy should include developing successful go-to-market strategies and establishing a strategic marketing budget. This can be tricky, especially for those with little knowledge of media buying and the costs associated with ad campaigns. However, this is where a strategic marketing partner like DAMN GOOD can help. Our agency can assess what your business needs to be competitive within your market, and assist you in developing a strategic marketing budget. We have knowledge and experience in an array of successful go-to-market strategies that produce solid, measurable results. Therefore, we can craft a customized budget and marketing strategy that’s right for you.

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Strategic Ad Campaign Development and Planning

One benefit of having a strategic marketing partner like DAMN GOOD is that our ad campaign development is continuous. We begin by planning out an ad campaign that aligns with your strategic marketing budget, and then adapt from there. This is important, because modern ad campaigns, especially digital campaigns, are able to gather key business intelligence while running. As a result, we gain insight into your audience, and can then adjust our messaging and marketing strategy accordingly, for greater impact. Therefore, DAMN GOOD implements strategic ad campaign development that is designed to evolve and grow as the campaign progresses.

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Marketing Channel Strategies

Your go-to-market strategy isn’t just about what you say to your audience. It’s also about where you go to say it. Part of building any strategic marketing budget requires identifying appropriate marketing channel strategies to get your message out. This means not only recognizing the best media channels to reach your target audience, but also optimizing your buys for the greatest multichannel impact. Because it’s rare that a successful marketing strategy or ad campaign can be run on a single media channel. As a result, DAMN GOOD develops marketing channel strategies that take into account your audience, as well as your budget, in order to bring about real, tangible results.

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Building an Effective Brand Strategy

Because brand strategy underpins all marketing strategies, it’s essential to have a carefully-thought out brand strategy first. Ideally, your brand strategy should begin from the brand’s inception. DAMN GOOD’s brand strategy starts with developing brand names. We painstakingly research available brand names, including URL and trademark research, to develop effective brand names for your company, service, or product. The next step in our brand strategy is developing positioning and messaging statements such as headlines and taglines. Finally, we craft a compelling and competitive logo that is aligned with the overall brand strategy. Once you have established a compelling brand strategy, developing an effective marketing strategy is much easier.

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Internal and External Rollout Planning

Consider this: your brand has both an internal and external audience. Often, go-to-market strategies ignore internal rollout planning and choose to focus solely on external marketing channel strategies instead. However, your internal team is still your business’ most important advocacy group. After all, your customers or clients are likely to deal with members of your team, whether they are sales staff, or customer service personnel. Therefore, it’s important to get them on board with your brand and message through an internal rollout strategy.

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