Brand Architecture | Foundational branding for corporate brand families
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Branding Services

Building corporate success with brand architecture

Companies have a tendency to grow organically, responding to markets, consumer trends, and acquisitions. While a simple single brand architecture may serve many, corporations with numerous brands, including product brands, partner brands, and subsidiaries, may face a more complex brand architecture. DAMN GOOD offers high-level brand architecture consulting services to help you structure the brands within your enterprise for optimal success. Our brand architecture services include extensive research, including competitive research, focus groups, and consumer surveys, as well as visualization of existing and proposed brand architecture scenarios.

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Brand guidelines to keep your brand architecture intact

For companies with complex brand architecture, maintaining the relationships between subsidiary, partner, and product brands can be difficult. DAMN GOOD’s branding expertise allows us to not only consult upon your corporate brand architecture, but also to develop in-depth brand guidelines for each element within your family of brands. By developing and implementing these brand guidelines, we help maintain a rigid brand structure across your enterprise, even as individual brands utilize disparate marketing, advertising, or other vendor services.

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