What We Did

Brand Strategy
Product Strategy
Custom Logos & Icons
Collateral Design
Print & Digital Design
Content Development
Copy & Scriptwriting
Video Production
Digital Marketing Strategy
Ux & Ui Design
App Design & Development
Responsive Web Design

The Partnership

Carefield Ventures develops a variety of products and services within the broad category of health care. When the company decided to launch a pharmacy discount card, DAMN GOOD took part in the company’s exploration and strategic planning sessions, eventually creating the Rxduced brand for the product.

The agency designed and created the Rxduced card and all collateral materials, including housing units in both English and Spanish, as well as a website to support the brand. In order to modernize the concept and broaden Rxduced’s audience, DAMN GOOD also developed an app for mobile devices that incorporated Rxduced’s localized prescription price and pharmacy search functionality. A digital media marketing campaign was developed to support the app’s launch, featuring animated video, social media ads, and AdWords.

Both app and card were further developed with “white label” customization for other brands seeking to leverage Rxduced’s consumer appeal.